Let’s just not count this day…

AM: I sat in the library pretending to work wishing I was at home in bed. Feeling like I should be at home in bed.
PM: I had long scheduled massage — Amazing. Walked home, had sushi for lunch, fell asleep on the couch watching a tv show on DVD. (Alright, alright, if you must know, it was season 2 of Angel. Huge Joss Whedon Fan here. You’ve outed me.)
Now, I’ve been lying on couch with Spousal Unit watching 24 – season 1 — which we’re finding predictable, sophomoric, stupid (Hey, wait, don’t leave the SUSPECT ALONE IN A ROOM BY HERSELF WHERE SHE CAN REACH SHARP IMPLEMENTS!!!) and oddly compelling.

But, as with the infamous truism… I’ll think about the dissertation tomorrow, because after all, Tomorrow is Another Day.

One response to “Let’s just not count this day…

  1. What day?

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