Day 23: Oddly Productive

I promise no more whining about any physical complaints. Even Spousal Unit confessed that he got to the part of the last post that said, “who cares, right?” and stopped reading. Sheesh. So, if Spousal Unit, who loves me dearly and is heartbreakingly concerned with my physical person, wasn’t interested enough to read the post, I’ve probably lost any and all potential readers who aren’t heartbreakingly concerned with my physical person.

And, I think that this whole discomfort thing is really working for me. Crazy as it sounds. I got a lot done today, despite the back pain, the emerging cold (who the heck gets a cold in JUNE for chrissakes?), and the constant interruption of having to move around and change position every 30 minutes, and do exercises every 2 hours. So, I guess I can’t complain about something that seems to be helping me get work done. Even if it is injury and illness. Damn, grad students are sick puppies, aren’t we?

I finished the Republican half of the property argument (thank the maker!) and am halfway through the Democratic half. Then, I can move on to citizenship, which I’ve already written, and just need to rearrange and fine-tune to fit into the new analytic framework. This next bit, the citizenship stuff, is the real heart of the chapter, and is the evidence I’m most excited about and most interested in. After that, it is back to whittling things down again, which I’m really looking forward to — which is odd considering what I thought about it two weeks or so ago.

Today I also started working on my syllabus for next semester. Not only did I pretty much get my dream job, but the first semester I only have 1 prep, which at a teaching institution seems just too good to be true. I’ll be teaching 2 sections of the same intro course, so only 1 set of things to work on. Anyway, I started in on that, which felt really good. I think I’ve been kind of panicked about that in the background. Getting going on it was a good way to start to alleviate some of that panic.

Tomorrow, a bunch of my friends are going with me, and Spousal Unit, of course, to go see my Slightly Shabby Chic new office on the new campus. (It’s got columns, 2 windows, and a non-functional fireplace and needs a paint job and some plaster work. But it feels like a palace compared to the Cage!) And, there’s a good chance that my Powerbook will be waiting for me there! Since it is currently a conference room, I can’t really move in yet. My furniture will be the furniture I inherit from the person I’m replacing, and she’s not moving out of her office until late July. But, I think just going and showing it to my friends will make it feel more real to me than it does right now.

Anyway, it was a pretty good day as far as work goes. Go figure.

Happy Friday!

7 responses to “Day 23: Oddly Productive

  1. happy friday! have a good weekend!

  2. Happy Friday and weekend to you too. I am very happy to hear your progress. For my ordinary worklife, I have borrowed your determination and find I have been much more productive than my ususal this week. I am going to go celebrate andhope you and S.U. do also!

  3. Excellent news–have a great weekend!

  4. Ahistoricality

    Ogden Nash wrote (approximately, I don’t have it on me) “in the winter a snuffle gets lost in the shuffle/ but a summer cold is to have and to hold” — he goes on like that for a while. We’ve got one too, courtesy of toddler’s play group….

  5. Hope you enjoy showing off your chic new office, how exciting!

  6. I am absolutely NOT bothered by your physical complaints. I did write parts of my stuff standing (because bending to sit hurt so much because of the damaged nerves in my leg).

    You will be better. It takes ages, but you will be. For sure.

  7. Thanks all for the encouragement and kind words. The back is a little better — no pain in the actual back, just weird nerve stuff going on the the feet. Doh! I wasn’t going to talk about health stuff anymore! Ah, well. Too late. I think the exercises the physical therapist gave were really helpful. And I’m doing them religiously.

    Welcome, ahistoric! I love the quote! I’ll think of it from now on whenever I have a summer cold!

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