Day Thirtysomething and One: Chapter 2 Has Landed

First of all, let me just say how sorry I am that Londoners are living through this horrible nightmare. Our thoughts are with you. The most beautiful statement on this I read was made by a Frenchman who posted on the BBC. He said: “Yesterday, we were annoyed with Londoners and English people. London won the games and Paris lost them. And today we wake up. We realise that these little fights between old friends are for spoilt children. We are all facing a huge challenge. We have all to fight terrorism. We are all Londoners today. We all feel sad and share the pain of the one who are suffering today. Do not worry my friends, we will be with you in this fight and we will win it.” Julien, Paris, France Amen, Julien. Today, we are all Londeners.

Second, and now oh so less important, I sent off chapter 2. It is in the hands of the Advisor. I sent it electronically around 10 yesterday morning and put a paper copy in his department mailbox at 11 ish. I have yet to hear anything back at all. Which could mean a) he hates it and me and will never ever speak to me again because it took me so darned long to get it to him. b) He was kidnapped by aliens and taken away for experiments on human anatomy and cannot be reached for comment. c) the flying monkeys got him. d) He is out of town and hasn’t checked his email OR e) he just didn’t feel the need to respond immediately. In either of these scenarios DOES HE NOT KNOW HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS TO ME?? ARGH!

Third, I’m taking a few days off of work and blogging because my best friend is in town from the opposite coast and we’re going to play. I’ll check back in on Sunday or Monday. We’re going to eat, hang out, read novels by the lake, talk, talk, talk, drink, and eat some more. It’s gonna be great.

10 responses to “Day Thirtysomething and One: Chapter 2 Has Landed

  1. Sounds like you timed turning in the chapter just perfectly, what with the reading by the lake and the talking and the eating. Very savvy of you.

    Maybe your advisor’s gonna actually read the thing before he responds?

  2. Well done and well deserved fun! Go enjoy.

  3. damn those flying monkeys!

  4. Huh. If my old advisor were taken by aliens, it would be a sort of homecoming for her. (E just stopped by post-advisor-meeting, and she was spittin’ mad.)

    Have a wonderful and much-deserved lounge with your sexy friend.

  5. Hey, I have the same problem! My advisor hasn’t responded yet to my Monday night email (w/attached chapter)–not even to say hey, thanks; I’ll get back to you soon.

    But that’s okay. Time away from that mess is good–enjoy your own!

  6. congrats on sending off Chapter 2!

  7. Just discovered your blog–a discovery perfectly timed to be able to say “congratulations on finishing that chapter!” And belated happy birthday.

  8. New Kid on the Hallway

    I don’t know, the responsive advisor isn’t always such a treasure! (Okay, it was great that my advisor always responded quickly, it was just the *nature* of those responses…) Anyway, congrats on turning in the chapter and have a great time at the lake!

  9. Thanks everyone! I still haven’t heard back from him. But, I’m moving past it and getting back to my own stuff. Maybe in a way it is good to help me think about how this is really MY project and not his, and that the work I am doing is ultimately for me, and not for anyone else. I think that being too depending on feedback can be dangerous.

    I’m just hoping I’m not blindsided when he does show up again!

  10. Don’t worry. Give him a week. Then call him if there’s still no answer.

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