Boy, do I feel stupid…

I’m such a dope. After being terrified for three weeks about what was left to do on this Intro, I looked at the section that I was still working on when last I left it, and it was pretty darn good. So, I spent the afternoon and early evening working on it, and finished it. All that is left on the Intro now is to write one final concluding paragraph, to weave the narrative, significance and chapter outlines together (when I say weave, I mean cut and paste, of course), and flesh out the footnotes (by which I mean do them all completely from scratch).

The upshot is that I had convinced myself that there were miles to go on this introduction, when really, I’ve got about a day’s more work to go. Which I will start on Thursday and probably finish on Saturday, thereby enabling me to send out the Intro to my friendly readers by Sunday morning and making it possible to see my professors sometime next week. I know it will need revision, but that’s not the point — the point is that I had convinced myself that I was in a deep rut with the thing, when really, I wasn’t. Imagine that. I feel like such a chump. But, a very happy chump.

8 responses to “Boy, do I feel stupid…

  1. Welcome back! And congrats on being closer to done than you feared you were.

  2. Being a happy chump is most definitely the best kind of chump to be! We all should be so lucky… 😉

  3. Good news! Good attitude!

    Reminds me of a great story from my favorite author:

    Monday, June 20, 2005

    Day 19: Birds and Rovers

  4. Yay for progress! No feeling chumpish at all, though. The lesson here is that you’re f-ing brilliant. You’ve written a chapter! And it’s good! You’ve made positive progress, which is reason for celebrating yourself, not for feeling stupid. I mean, I know there’s a certain amount of shtick involved there, and that you’re lookin g for a humorous angle for a blog post, but I hope you’re not talking to yourself in these terms right now. You have made progress! You’re a success! Hooray for you!

  5. New Kid on the Hallway


  6. Congrats!!!

  7. I think you should either change the title of this post or put up something new, because it annoys me to see that title up at the top of your page every time I swing by. Dammit, you had a good day of writing and put up a post saying you feel stupid about it. And then you’ve left that self-critical post up here for six weeks for me to look at. Sheesh.

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