The Baby Hates Curry

The last meal I had before the barf-o-rama that sent me to the ER with dehydration last month was Indian take-out.

Yesterday, after a whole day of no nausea, I felt good enough to cook! (something I haven’t done in three months…) So I made dinner for friends of a nice lentil dal, raita, brown rice, and chutneys. At 1:40 I found myself once again hugging the porcelain god turning myself inside out wondering why again I agreed to do this “baby” thing.

What is it with this kid and curry? Very discouraging.

Spousal Unit is taking me to the opera this weekend in New York as a Valentine’s present. I’m fervently praying that I don’t throw up onto my new very expensive shoes in the middle of the Barber of Seville. I suspect very strongly that the Met frowns upon such behavior.

Although, given my track record, if I avoid curry at dinner, I should be OK!

5 responses to “The Baby Hates Curry

  1. Here’s to a mildly stimulating dinner, and a more-than-mildly stimulating opera.

  2. Not be a pessimist, but take a large purse to the opera, without anything of value inside!

    Seriously, have a great curry-less weekend.

  3. Delurking to say I feel your pain. I’m in my 9th week of pregnancy (I think a month behind you?). Enjoy the opera!

  4. turmeric? For me, that was the only nausea trigger the whole time I was pregnant. I discovered the har dway that they use it to color chicken soup…

  5. hey, hope you are doing okay !

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