Since I signed up for a gift from Overread, I promised to make the same offer here.

To the first 5 commenters, I’ll send some sort of tangible, physical gift before the end of this calendar year. It might be something arty, or foodie, or smarty. Hope you all are interested!

Pretty Cool, Huh?

The Gadlet is learning to smile when I talk to her. And grunt when she’s hungry. She’s like a little grinning bald piglet.

She’s sleeping right now and I’m hoping to get some diss work done. Wish me luck!

10 responses to “Gifties!

  1. Sweet! And I just about peed myself reading about the bath. You’ve now been duly initiated. 🙂

  2. Is this a trick to force us to give up our real identities? I think, yes. Sign me up! I want something really cool. Can I say that to a new mother? I’ll extend the offer on my blog too…

  3. I’ve been checking in every day–usually twice–to see if there are updates. And here it pays off…except that I don’t want anything, only to say thanks for posting!

    My family are about the only people who read my blog, so I’m probably sending them something this year anyway.

  4. Well….

    …ok, I’m in time! {And feeling guilty, given that I only just discovered this blog. But not that guilty.}

    I like this particular meme. OK, now I have to actually *do* something with my blog, too.

  5. Count me out on the gift , I’ll leave it for the next guy who deserves it. It is gift enough to me each time I get a good laugh or serious thought from your blog.

    Most importantly, good luck on getting back in the dissertation grove! Motherhood is the mother (opps) of multi-tasking. You will learn to grab the short snips of time, type onehanded quickly and hoard any window of time over 30 minutes. Go for it!

  6. A good friend of mine a few years ago got really good at the one-handed typing (while nursing). I’d get emails from her with no capital letters or other uses of the shift function. I told her she put the tit in multitasking. From then on she would often open her emails with “Well, I’m mulTITasking again…”

  7. So tempted, but not sure I should join in on this meme…

  8. Ok – gifts to Kathleen, Mom, Landsnark, Ewan, and Scrivener!

    (Suz, you know I’ll catch you later…)

    Scriv, you can just receive — you don’t have to pass it on on your blog right now. Notice that on MY blog, my offer of a giftlet came string-free.

    So guys, send me addresses at And, Mom, while yes, identities will be revealed, it goes both ways, doesn’t it! 🙂

  9. Hey, I’d totally missed that you didn’t have the reciprocal thing on yours. Damn, and I spent all that time wavering. Sheesh. I’ll email ya.

  10. 12/25–Merry Christmas to All! Thanks for the excellent gift, Stewgad, I love it. Did the one I sent to your work address reach you?

    I have still been checking in almost every day hoping for updates. I hope the fact that you haven’t been posting means that your writing energy has been going into the Big D.

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