The Honeymoon is Over

For multiple reasons that I can’t actually discuss here, today has been a terrrible, horrible no good very bad day. It’s like the universe said “you get exactly 64 days postpartum to be with your daughter in a state of unreal bliss, but on that 65th day, the shit is going to fly and stress will bring your happy little world to a screeching halt.”

Can I go to bed now and not get up until this stressful day is over?

11 responses to “The Honeymoon is Over

  1. Yes, you can…run to bed while you have the chance (if you have the chance). Wishing you the best for a no-stress, good day tomorrow.

  2. I hope your tomorrow returns to bliss.

  3. Definitely wishing you bliss tomorrow, and some powerfully good dreams tonight.

  4. Uh oh. Hope things turn out ok. Take care of yourself.

  5. Ah, those days happen sometimes.

    Even in Australia.

  6. sorry to hear you had a bad day! take care of yourself!

  7. Well, tomorrow is usually better. And see if SU will let you have a nap. That usually helps.

  8. bummer. i hope things have gotten better for you over the course of the week.

  9. you need a laugh – I tag yuou and call upon your weirdness.

  10. Thanks for all the encouraging words and thoughts. I suspect strongly that the 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., 5:00 a.m., and 6:00 a.m. feedings last Saturday may just have had a little something to do with my inability to deal with pressure last Sunday. 🙂

  11. Mom – Thanks for the Tag! (I love tags!) I’ll start thinking up my 7 weird things and post soon!

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