I’m Awake But…

So is the Gadlet.  So much for sneaking out of bed and getting to work early.  I got up at 6:00, but then so did she.  Doh! 

Yesterday I got through 3 days of Congressional debate.  Talk about boring.  At one point in my life I got really excited reading this.  I can actually remember a moment in the bowels of the library when I had the Congressional Globe in my hands and I was so interested in what I was reading I thought with great glee, “Wow, maybe I could do this for my dissertation!”  It was a pivotal moment in my graduate career.  Fast forward to a decade later and boy do I not give a shit.  Let me tell you that after 10 years of reading political posturing by Congressmen in the 1860s, the magic has gone out of the relationship.  But I did it and I got through 12 lengthy speeches.  
It was good because now I have a sense of what the fault lines are in the debate so I think I can breeze through the next 6 days of argument a bit more quickly.  But that is my next step.  So, I kind of accomplished all of my limited goals for yesterday.  Horay? 
Today I’ve got a lot going on and since the Gadlet is awake, I don’t think I’ll get much done this morning.  But, my new goal is to finish the reading by Saturday and start the writing on Sunday with high hopes (perhaps unrealistic) to finish the writing on Monday.  We’ll see how it goes and I’ll keep you all posted.  Heh heh … get it… blog posting… posted…Oh, I’m killing myself here… Man, is it way too early for puns.  Sorry, guys.  On that ridiculous note, I’m off…

8 responses to “I’m Awake But…

  1. Welcome back, phd. I missed you! Thanks for the awesome gifties–did the one I sent you get through?

  2. It did L! Thanks so much! I totally loved it. It is now occupying a proud place on my desk at work. It was especially timely because my crappy office one broke last semester and I didn’t replace it yet! (FYI it is a very hip and cool stapler that is shaped like a funky alien person.) I didn’t get it until last week when I went into the office to get stuff, so sorry I didn’t thank you sooner!


  3. Yay! No prob, just wanted to make sure. Same company makes a tape dispenser in the shape of a little guy with the roll of tape around his waist like a hula hoop and the cutting blade on his hand. 🙂

  4. Yay! That sounds like a good bit of work to have got through.

  5. Dissertator with Sproglet

    Good luck with keeping the work going.

    BTW, can you tell me the company (presumably website) of the funky office supplies? I’m a nut for stationary.

  6. The company is Koziol, and the funkier stationery & gift stores, museum gift shops, etc carry their stuff. I got mine most recently at the gift store at the local art museum. There’s a store in Charlotte, NC called Paper Skyscraper that carried their stuff years ago (I haven’t been to Charlotte in years, but they may still), and I’ve seen it in some stores in SoCal.

    Oh wait–bingo! The last time I checked (a couple years back) I couldn’t find any retail outlets for their stuff online, but now here’s this: http://welltemperedkitchen.com/homeoffice.html

    For reference I find the opaque plastic to look a lot better in practice than the clear ones, but the local store only carries a few items of the clear.

  7. By “clear” above I meant “transparent”–including items that are “clear and colored.” They use “clear” to mean “colorless.” To rephrase what I meant above, I find the opaque plastic to look better than the transparent. It’s easier to see the features on the little guys with the opaque plastic.

  8. DissertatingMum

    Thanks landsnark!

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