Day 38

Well, there it is.  I sent off Chapter 4 to my advisor just this moment.  I guess it is an accomplishment, but since I did most of the work on it months ago, it feels rather anticlimactic. Less of a victory and more like one less chore on a very, very long list.  And since I’m pretty terrified of him in general, just because of what he is, not because of who he is, I suppose it is a pretty significant accomplishment. 

Even though it may feel a little like it is adding a bit more stress – since it takes me one more step to the defense which I dread almost as much as, if not more, than childbirth and/or death (in that order).  For those of you new to the story, I was pretty badly scarred by my oral exams, during which I was basically terrorized by a former advisor.  (Which was confirmed for me years later by one of my committee members who sat silently on the sidelines as it was happening.  Yeah, thanks a ton, dude.)  Anyway, since then I’ve been really really really afraid of the defense.  So much so that I think that I just may have perhaps been dragging my heels on this whole thing just a little bit (ha!) so that I wouldn’t have to go through something like that again at the defense.    I suppose, though, that since I survived childbirth, and hey, in my memory it wasn’t even so bad (what is up with that hormonally induced craziness???)  maybe this will also be not so bad.  And, also, I am so fucking tired of being afraid of this, I think it is time to just get it over with.  
I guess that’s a good enough reason for going on as any, eh? 
So tomorrow I’ll be back to working on that article, after I drive to campus and attend an important meeting.  Oh yeah, and unload a whole trunkfull of books and crap into my office. Since I cleaned all of my junk out of the room formerly known as my office now known as the Gadlet’s room and moved my “office” into a 2’x3′ corner of the upstairs hallway, there’s a lot of junk that no longer fits into my new revised office space.  (Which is working pretty well, actually!) 
Gadlet Update:  Blueberries make for blue poop in the blue potty.  
Yep, she’s a-shitting in the potty at nine months.   It goes like this:  
Gadlet: Staring off into space with great concentration.  “Ba.”  
Stewgad:  “Hm. Whacha doin’, Gadlet?” 
Gadlet: Grunting and Straining.  “Ba.”
Stewgad:  “Oh!  Pooping!!”  Grabs Gadlet, runs upstairs, pulls potty into bedroom, strips down baby with lickety-split, plops kid on small potty. 
Gadlet: “Ba.”  Poops.

Stewgad: “Huzzah!! Well Done Gadlet!  No poopy diapers to wash!” 
Gadlet: “Ba.” 
The End. 

Yep, two weeks and counting since I had to clean poop out of a cloth diaper.  The kid is a very precocious pooper.  I wonder if I can put that on her preschool applications? 
Cheers, y’all.  I’ll check back in tomorrow. 

3 responses to “Day 38

  1. Congrats! Sounds like you and Gadlet have your shit together!

  2. Suz’s comment made me splutter ….

    As for the defense …. if you can get a wee baby to poop on the potty, you can pass a defense.

    I didn’t know about your orals: I’m enraged on your behalf. It’s total BS when academics behave like children in that way, and it’s had a material and deleterious effect on your work. GRRRR. But fantastic news on getting the chapter sent away!

  3. Psych Post Doc

    HA @ Suz.

    Congrats on getting chapter in and trying to overcome your fear. Sounds like your former advisor was a real ass.

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