The New Leaf?

I guess you could say that I’m turning over a new leaf in my new get-up-really-fucking-early-and-work-instead-of-staying-nicely-tucked-into-my-bed dissertation completion plan.  So, two days into it, how’s that working for me?

Well, it would be working great except that the Gadlet has decided that I clearly need her help with my plan. 

Yesterday I managed to wake up at 5:45.  I got out of bed around 5:50, and went to the bathroom (of course, I mean, what else do you do first thing when you wake up, right?) but I hadn’t reckoned on the fact that our only bathroom is right next to the Gadlet’s room.  She, with her bat-like sense of hearing must have heard me.  She then proceeded to stand up in her crib and exclaim with great gusto and increasing intensity, “Mama mama mama mama mama….”   I managed to get a few minutes of work done to this lovely soundtrack until she really ramped it up, at which point a sleeping Spousal Unit hollered “Mruummmffff!” from upstairs, which I took to mean, “Stewgad,get up here and make that child shut up so that I can sleep for another 5 minutes!!!”  Yes, the toddlerin my family wants to help me with the dissertation, the adult clearly does not.  So much for that morning’s extra time.  

Given that experience, last night I planned ahead.  I set up a fan in the Gadlet’s room to generate some white noise so that she couldn’t hear me as well when I got up.  I thought I had foiled her plan to be a junior dissertation assistant.  Mwa ha hah.  Defeat that one, Gadlet! 

This morning, I woke up before my alarm, (which is and important detail to let you know that there was absolutely no noise at all.)  I sighed, opened my eyes, and then to my extreme astonishment heard….”mama, mama, mama…” 

I think I need to find a superhero preschool for this kid or maybe the mutant training academy in upstate New York run by Charles Xavier, because clearly if she can hear the sound of eyelids opening from the next room, through two doors and over the sound of two running fans, the kid has a special skill that should be encouraged and cultivated.  She could grow up to be The Listener or Auris or The Moth or something.  (apparently, the Noctuid Moth can hear sounds in the widest range – between 1,000 and 240,000Hz.  Ah, the internets…) 

Blast. But unlike yesterday, she seems to be drifting in and out a bit, so I’m going to ignore her as long as I can and hope that she’ll go back to sleep.  But, for chrissakes, the kid has never woken up at 5:30 in her whole life.  Why did she decide to do it now?  Sigh. 

Anyway, despite the Gadlet’s assistance, I got through revising the intro to the next chapter on Tuesday, added a new paragraph to the intro yesterday.  My goal for this morning is to work through what I’ve already written and then move into the next section.  I’d like to revise 5 pages today.  Seems like a reasonable, if a little small, kind of a goal. 

Most importantly, though, I think the plan is helping with the emotional baggage.  I didn’t feel guilty or panicked or overwhelmed yesterday whenever I thought about it, because I’d already worked on it for a bit.  So that seems pretty good. 

And thanks everybody for the very kind comments.  I’m still stewing about what to do on the coaching front, if anything, and I’ve checked out some of the other sites.  They look good.  But Lisa’s comment about how this blog was supposed to serve as a kind of virtual coach really hit home too.  If I’m not reporting in here, why would I do it anywhere else, even if I was paying?  So I’m going to try to get back to doing that, at least.  Thanks for the nice reminder, Lisa!

3 responses to “The New Leaf?

  1. …and many of us here to read/respond to your progress. It appears that the Gadlet has a sense that Mama wants to get something done so she wants to be involved. Ha! Children will attempt to foil best laid plans. 🙂 I hope the remainder of the week was much more successful.

  2. Are coaches like diets? You pay Jenny Craig or Weightwatchers or someone a ton of $$$$ and then you eat the smaller portions they give you. And you lose weight and money. It is illogical. Why not just eat less and save your money for a tiny new dress? Beats me. Most of us get tricked pretty easily, even by ourselves, and we hate to lose money.

    Smart Baby! Would she play in the “toy yard” while you work early? Maybe with come treats tossed in? Anyway–Congrats on your progress!

  3. I vote for Auris. That is a bitchin superhero name.

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