News, Marvelous News

Well I guess the time has finally come. 

I have a defense date. (well, a defense date-ish.  A defense couple of weeks, anyway.  We’re coordinating with the committee to settle on the actual date.)  Late January it is.

Advisor has agreed.  He’s on board, supportive, and willing to let me go ahead and defend, so as to meet the requirements of my review committee, with the understanding that I’ll be doing some revisions afterward.  Even better, though, he told me that I don’t have to write the as-yet-unwritten “first” chapter.  I can just work the connections into the introduction that I need to do to get from point A to point B.  So all I have to do between now and then is revise 2 chapters to the point of readability and then revise as much of the rest as I can (they’ve already gone through one round of revision.)  

I’m still a little in shock.  And I can’t hardly believe it.  I’m inclined to be cynical, and at the same time fearful.  Something surely will come along and fuck this up so that it won’t happen.  But then I thought the same thing about the election and look how that turned out! 

So maybe, just maybe, after all of these years I’ll actually finish my goddamned degree.

10 responses to “News, Marvelous News

  1. Congratulations! Way to go! You’re almost done!

  2. That is marvelous news! Yay!

  3. Great news! What a way to start the new year!

  4. Wow! That’s so exciting! Yay, you!

  5. Woohoo!!!!!!

  6. Stewgad, you are going to feel happy, relieved, and a little lost and let down when you finish that thing and have it off your shoulders. You may already have figured this out, but it’s going to be weird to *not* feel guilty about not working on the diss. You’ll have this vague random guilt and when you try to pin it down you’ll be, like, “Oh yeah, no diss.”

    Then you’ll find other things to feel guilty about ignoring. That’s the great thing about being an academic–there’s always something more you should be doing!

  7. That is really exciting news! The end is clearly in sight!!

  8. Great news! I agree with Landsnark–don’t worry, you’ll find other things to feel guilty about ignoring the in future.

    For instance, I haven’t updated the links on my blog for a year. Thanks to your doing the meme, I finally updated my links. (I have to take satisfaction in these minor projects since I’m busy ignoring the major ones).

  9. Oh, hooray! So close! How wonderful!

  10. HUZZAH!! I’m so jealous! I’ve got one chapter to write, two to revise, and an intro and conclusion to come up with by, hopefully, May… You’re totally going to get this done!

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