One Word Meme

It’s been ages since I got tagged for a meme! (at least that I noticed! Apparently this one was in October.  Doh!)  Thanks Otterbutt!!


Where is your cell phone?  Table

Where is your significant other? Desk

Your hair color? Brownish

Your mother? Significant

Your father? Complicated

Your favorite thing? Gadlet

Your dream last night? Travel

Your dream/goal? Ph.D.

The room you’re in? Bed

Your hobby? Ha!

Your fear? Yes

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Alive

Where were you last night? Driving

What you’re not? Easy

One of your wish-list items? Time

Where you grew up? Architecture

The last thing you did? Email

What are you wearing? PJs

Your TV? Buffy

Your pet? Husband?

Your computer? Mac!!!

Your mood? Tired

Missing someone? Husband

Your car? Killer

Something you’re not wearing? Socks

Favorite store? Consignment

Your summer? Anticipated!

Love someone? Wholeheartedly

Your favorite color? Blue

When is the last time you laughed? Lunch

Last time you cried? Election



I’m so exhausted and swamped right now, I’m not reading any blogs (not even my own, as you can tell…) sorry guys! It’s nothing personal!  But, if you want to do the meme, I tag you!! 

2 responses to “One Word Meme

  1. Woohoo! You’re the best. Thank you thank you thank you. I always forget to do my memes and when I do, I rarely tag anyone. This was a first for tagging beyond my realm–you know people like my sisters who have to read my blog.

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