Freeing the Albatross

Well, it’s in.

I turned in the whole damned thing to my committee today.

The introduction is mostly summary, the chapters are pretty flawed, and the conclusion is embarrassing. But it’s in and it’s done, at least for this week.

I got a little light-headed as I got back into the car after dropping off the hard copies. I think it was because that albatross that has been hanging around my neck for 12 years was suddenly a lot lighter, if not gone.

14 responses to “Freeing the Albatross

  1. To lightness!

  2. As Jack Aubrey says, “I wish you joy.!!!!!”

  3. Yay! Congratulations!! It will only feel better from here!

  4. Congrats! I’m sure the diss is much much better than you think it is.

  5. Woohoo! That has got to feel good.

  6. yay! can you feel the weight off your shoulders?

  7. Your description of your diss sounds like every diss I have ever read. Or, um, written. So it sounds, then, *perfect*.


  8. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be done, and YOU DID IT!!! Hearty congratulations and good wishes for a successful defense šŸ™‚

  9. yay! congrats!

  10. Wow!!! Best wishes and congratulations! I hope you don’t end up with the hangover I had after turning in my diss (though it was totally worth it!)

  11. You done good, girl.

    Remember that the word “perfect” comes from the Latin “perfectus,” which means “completed.”

    By that standard, a done dissertation is, truly, a perfect one.

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