Um, hi.

 If anybody is still out there, sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been absolutely crazy with work since the defense.  Plus there was this whole stomach thing that drained me physically (literally …. eeewwww!!!)   just as I was at my most drained emotionally and intellectually.   I’ve been feeling all used up, with nothing extra left to spare.  

I’m certainly not done with the blog, and haven’t given it up, I think I’ve just been feeling utterly without words lately.  Like I’ve used them all up and haven’t generated any more in the reserves.  Even simple words just to describe my experiences are hard to find.  

For those of you who follow the more personal side of things, the Gadlet is so fabulous.  She’s learning her letters and numbers.  At 19 months, she’s learned most of the letters and can now count to … 2.   Yep, kid’s a genius.  Although that genius thing kind of falls apart because right now she says “yeah” to everything we say.  Like, “Hey Gadlet, is your Mama a supermodel?”  “yeah.”  “Is Dada an NFL Quarterback?”  “yeah.”  “You want some Tripe for dinner?” “yeah.”  “Can we cash in your college fund and go on a bender in Vegas?” “yeah.”   It’s pretty funny.  We figure we’re gonna pay for this blatant abuse of her trust when she figures out “no” and then we’ll hear nothing but “no” for the next two years.  But she’s taken to holding our faces and giving us kisses of her own volition, which is so lovely it shatters my heart into a million pieces every time she does it.  So hopefully that will continue well into the “no” phase.  (Wow, I managed to find a lot of words to talk about that!)

Anyway, there’s about 4 more weeks left in the semester.  After that, I get to devote myself full time to revising and polishing, then I can turn it all in.  So the diss. front is pretty good.  I imagine that I’ll return to a more regular accounting of (and for) myself when that gets going again.  

Until then, cheers and I’ll be back in touch soon!

4 responses to “Wordless

  1. Interesting–I always thought “no” was one of the first words babies learned… Good to see you back!

  2. good to hear from ya!

  3. Oooh, can you share some of those ‘yeahs’ with us? We’re well into the NO! stage.

    Seems like you have lots of words about the Gadlet! I think you should share some more of them. Counting to 2 …. they grow up so fast … 😉

  4. Welcome back! I’m a lurker but I love your blog — am also an academic mom.

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