April is the Cruelest Month

I love teaching, but man oh man do I wish I’d thought a bit more carefully about what I was doing to myself when I took on an honors student, four independent study students, and agreed to serve on another honors committee and an MA committee, in addition to teaching my three classes.  It didn’t occur to me way back in September/January that the proverbial shit would hit the fan come April.
I’m starting a new thing where in addition to facebooking my little status updates, I’ll do some here too. That way I can continue to blog in short little blurbs. I guess we’d call that a blurg. (And when a blurg goes to the burg with a dude named Furg… sorry. Too much Dr. Seuss these days. The Gadlet is particularly fond of the Wocket in my Pocket. She’s also a big fan of Hop on Pop. Doesn’t really like One Fish, Two Fish quite yet, though.)

Quick Gadlet Blurg.
Today, she asked for a specific book before bedtime by making a click with her tongue on the top of her mouth. I couldn’t figure out what she wanted. “Tock? You want a book about clocks?” (there are lots of those, even Goodnight Moon is actually about clocks that Tock, in case you didn’t realize it.)
“Yeah,” she said.
“Which one?” I asked. She pointed and grunted at her bookcase. I didn’t see any book about clocks, even marginally. “I don’t know which one you want. Can you show me?” I asked.
So she hopped down, reached over, and pulled out the book called “Baby Talk.” And proudly said “Tock” with the tongue click, and trotted back to my lap. Someday I’m going to have to explain homonyms, but until then, I’m just charmed by her homonym confusion. And am only a little bit worried that I need to improve my enunciation!

Gadlet on the Slide

9 responses to “April is the Cruelest Month

  1. She is so beautiful! And so smart (must take after her Dr. mommy)!

  2. I’m in the process of starting a social experiment via the web, and am in need of someone that can write really well. The details of the project is laid out on my website at http://www.accreation.org. I’m looking for someone that can edit the content in a more easily understandable format. Please visit the site, and contact me if you or someone you know might be interested in participating in the project. Thank you.

    PS. This is NOT a paid position; I’m looking for like minded individuals who are interested in making this prjoect become a success. Thank you.

  3. Hi: I just found your blog and wanted to say congrats on your defense success! It’s really impressive that you balanced grad school and motherhood. Cheers!

  4. Awww, look at your comment spam! It’s so cute (roll eyes …)

    The Gadlet is adorable. And very clever. Good work on that! 😉

  5. What’s a gadlet? (sorry for the comment spam, but I didn’t know a better way to get the message out to a broader audience…)

  6. omg i love pics of gadlet! so cute!

  7. Remember Nola saying “pink” like a !Kung Bushman, complete with click? That’s totally what this reminds me of! 🙂

  8. Hi Jae Kim, since you made a real comment, I’ll let your “spam” stick around. I can’t participate at this time, but maybe somebody else here will see it and get interested.

    A Gadelt is a Miniature Stewgad, Gad — let, as in piglet.

    thanks for asking.

  9. Thank you so much! my intentions were honestly good.. the project is designed to be altruistic in nature, and beneficial to everyone as a whole. But I guess I didn’t think things through on how to go about spreading the word about the project. I thought leaving comments on blogs might be a good way since there is already an established audience, but I failed to realize that doing so might be a source of distraction. So I’ve stopped doing it, and have instead opted to ask professors from my alma mater UCI for help instead. Thanks again, and best of luck to you and everyone here as well!


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