Thursday Night Bedtime Conversation

Stewgad: “Good night, Gadlet.  Sleep tight.  I love you so much.  Tomorrow is a Mama day, so I’ll see you in the morning.” 

Gadlet: “Ah-Ee”?  (Her name for Darby, her daycare provider.) 

Gadlet: “Kya-Kya”? (Her name for K, Darby’s son.)

Stewgad: “No, sweetie.  We won’t see Darby or K tomorrow.  It’s just the Gadlet and Mama; just the two of us while Dada’s at work.  We’ll see Darby and K in a couple of days.” 

Gadlet:  Sad sound. 

Stewgad: “But, maybe if the weather is good, we’ll go to a playground.”

Gadlet: Long Pause.

Gadlet:  “WHEEEE!!!!!”

Stewgad: “Sure, love, you can go down the slide.”

Gadlet: “Ge-Ge, Mama, WHEEE!!!”

Stewgad: “You want Mama to go down the slide with Gadlet?”

Gadlet: “Yeah.”

Stewgad: “That sound’s great.  I’d love to.  We’ll go down the slide together when we go to the playground tomorrow.”

Gadlet:  Short pause.

Gadlet:  “Happy.”


3 responses to “Thursday Night Bedtime Conversation

  1. So sweet! I love the WHEEE!

  2. Absolutely adorable.

  3. awwww. and, weird, munchkin used to call the slide ‘whee’ when she was gadlet’s age. huh.

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